Friday, October 14, 2011

Wool Felted Balls

Are you getting tired of seeing wool felted balls with acorn caps? They pop up everywhere this time of year and so many people claim it's their copyright. I love them, but I never really thought they were an original design. I'm guilty of making acorn necklaces (see last pic) and I thought my different twist was the little glass ladybugs.
I made these little pin cushion rings a few years ago and they always sold very well. The key I think is adding a fun pin to each one, and of course a great photo. These are so easy to make. Simply glue the wool ball into a bezel- in this case the bezels were old watch maker's tins. Then attach them to inexpensive ring blanks.
Voila! The perfect little gift for any sewer in your life.
So if you're bored with these- try some pin cushion rings of your own.
My fun little crafting tip!


  1. I love them!!! ha ha. Where in the world did you get those cute little pins?? Thanks for sharing xo

  2. Thanks! I got those pins surfing ebay late one night. Sure wish I had more!

  3. she is soooo awsome she's my mother