Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haiti By Hand

I came across this Haiti By Hand site last week while reading Rebecca Sower's blog. This was so inspiring to me I just had to spread the word. The Haiti By Hand Etsy shop is accepting items from artists worldwide- when your donated item sells- you send it out & 100% of the money will be donated to the relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti.
All the details on how you can donate can be found here- it won't cost you a thing! Spread the word! And maybe donate something you made- I did....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some New Earrings...

New in my Junebugz shop (where everything is under $20) I'm starting to list these earrings.
Made from vintage religious medals and vintage glass beads, these are so affordable you can but one of every color! The little vintage religious medals depict Our Lady, with an assortment of my favorite glass beads.
These square green glass beads are antique African glass....
These are vintage Czech glass....
More tomorrow... Good night!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs Linen bag

Inspired by this awesome Snow White ribbon, I made this bag yesterday & just listed it in my Etsy shop. I can't get enough of this designer's ribbon- by Portuguese designer Rosa Pomar. My previous post was about last week's inspiration- which included more of her ribbon.
This will be a limited series of bags- I'll mix up the linen colors & ribbons (you know I HATE to make the same bag twice!) I also just got a big box of my favorite linen in- with a new dove grey color I haven't used before. Maybe before I move on to the vintage crewel textiles I'll play around with the grey.....Yea- that's what I'll do. After tying up a few loose ends, I'll make a grey bag.
Stay Tuned!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Inspired Me Last Week...

After last week's Plain Dealer article, people were asking me where I get my inspiration. Truth be told, I didn't really know. So I sat in my tiny little studio and looked around. That was it! It's these things I surround myself with....
These things I collect and gather- stacked, put in jars, drawers, tins, wrapped on spools, tacked to walls...These things I find in my travels- fleamarkets, dumpsters, estate sales, auctions......unique, unusual, antique, tattered, unwanted.... I collect fabric, tattered quilts, buttons, millinery, antique lace , antique porcelain dolls, doll parts, doll eyes, kokeshi, vintage glass beads, watch parts, tiny corked vials, French ephemera, vintage wallpaper, ventriloquist dolls (ok- so I only have one), birds' nests, shells, river stones, vintage sequins, beads, more beads.....
This is just a little glimpse of my studio...the shelf above my sewing machine. This batch of ribbon & lace has been my most recent inspiration. I love the whimsy and graphic images. But I get bored easily- so after a few more linen bags with these ribbons, I'm dipping into my stash of wool crewel remnants. More on that in my next post.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vintage Retro Barkcloth

New in my Etsy shop....I just finished this bag made from my very last bits of this awesome barkcloth print. It's an old Waverly print, very unique. I was always drawn to the geometric print.
It's accented with a removable pin, made from an antique chenille millinery flower. (I've been hoarding these flowers & decided it was time to use some!)
The pin can also be worn on a jacket or lapel.....
You can find it for sale here.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Few New Bags....

Being famous here in Cleveland yesterday was quite fun (see previous post) but it's back to work! Trying to replenish my inventory for spring, here's a few new bags. This is it for the polka dot series, the linen remnants are no more. I'm running low on the big vintage buttons too!
I'm not a purple person but I really like this bag- I might be keeping this one!
Also a few more birds, and of course the Matryoshkas. Coming soon will be some pillows. I decided to make a small series for those folks who have admired my work but don't want to wear it. Pillows are less of a commitment I think- and who can't use another pillow!
All these bags are now in my Etsy shop. I'll be adding new bags every few days so check back often....

Have a great Thursday- Oh! Doesn't Project Runway new season start tonight?? Can't wait!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

People in Style- I'm in the Style Section!

WooHoo! Check out page 3 of the Cleveland Plain Dealer today! There's a wonderful article about me- yes- me! Cleveland journalist Kim Crow called last week, she liked the look of my bags and has been very supportive of local artists. I love the article! (although the picture of me looks distorted! The camera was about 12" away from my face in my tiny studio!)
VERY exciting! You can read the whole thing here. More later- I just wanted to post this today. It's not every day you make the newspaper!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Matryoshka Love!

I just found this Etsy Treasury list last night featuring my Matryoshka Linen Bag. Curated by Cronopia6, this is a happy collection of all things Matryoshka. You can see the entire list here.
(Etsy Treasuries are a themed group of items chosen and artfully arranged by a fellow Etsy member. There are a limited number of live treasuries at a time- so it is a honor to be included in a Treasury list!)
Thank you Cronopia6!

More New Bags This Week!

I've been sewing like a mad woman the past week and I'll have some new bags in my Etsy shop Wed. AM. Mostly vintage fabric and linen, and all one-of-a-kind.
I also have a dozen or so new Leather Wrap Bracelets I'll be listing.
Exciting news in a day or so- stay tuned!
Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Studio Cleaning....

I'll be listing a lot of antique German porcelain doll parts in Mike's Etsy shop over the next few days. My studio is bursting at the seams! I seemed to have acquired a lot over the past few years and I'm trying to stay a little more focused on my new projects. Also look for some extra pocket watch parts, and other vintage goodies.
It's really hard for me to part with these, but I can't keep everything in my tiny little studio. I know, I know- these are all small pieces.... but I have hundreds (literally). I hope I live long enough to make everything I want to make!
How cute are these little legs! Should I keep them? See- it's hard to let go of these things. Unless I decide to keep everything, you'll find these antique doll parts and more here.
Hopefully after I've cleaned up my next post will be new work!