Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm back....

No better place to spend a heat wave than on Lake Chautauqua! My annual "cousin's week" at the lake- when all my sisters and their families spend the week at my parent's lake. We missed a few this year- new jobs and life stuff kept a few loved ones at home. They were truly missed, but I feel blessed to have spent the week with my family.
I'm feeling rested, a little sun burned, and a few pounds heavier from Dad's famous "Chautauqua Shore Breezes" (a perfect blend of rum, pineapple and cranberry!). My fingers are sore from working late at night- stitching leather and wire wrapping. Tomorrow I'll unpack and perhaps share a few images of new work. It's coming along!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

...just checking in....

I've been neglecting my blog for awhile- and won't be posting for several weeks. Summer, gardening, vacations, art shows, etc. have kept me away from my computer. As I scramble to get new work ready for shows & galleries, I'm also working on a new body of work.
I've been sketching all my new ideas- a little collection of new leather pieces, that combine my love for this color palette, birds, the sea, leather, and textiles. I'm anxious to share the few pieces I have done, but I really want to develop this new body of work as a "collection" before I show anything.
I don't usually work this way with my own work- then I realized this is what I'm trained to do. In my old career as a design director, I directed collections of work. It was organized & cohesive- something my work has been lacking. Rather than jumping from one idea to the next, I looked for a common thread- subject matter, style, etc. I wrote down those things I'm passionate about and started sketching. I'm excited again and feel recharged.
These 3 images are what's inspiring me today- always the element of nature. What is it about robin's eggs that I'm so drawn to? I love mixing textures and materials. Hopefully next post I'll be sharing more. That's all for now!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New in Leather Wrap Bracelets in shop.....

Just a quick shop update....I added few new leather wrap bracelets in my Etsy shop today. I didn't take the time to photograph all of them..... if you want a certain color/stone combo and don't see it email me. If I don't have it in stock I can make it for you!
Well- off to the beach. I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

Not My Usual Vintage Vibe

I don't usually buy new fabric, but I wanted a variety of bags for upcoming shows and events. I adore these new prints. This first one is by a European designer- it's a home dec weight, and the color combo is awesome! The bright yellow interior is the perfect compliment for this messenger-style bag- new in my shop.
This giant bird print is a heavy upholstery weight fabric- this giant tote was designed to accommodate the scale of the print. I designed it with an adjustable strap to fit any figure. Quite possible the perfect tote! New in my shop- with 2 other colorways available in a few days.
I sold out of the other 2 colorways fast and had to re-order. This colorway goes perfect with jeans- cobalt and butter on a tan background.
Lastly, I couldn't resist this little print. I bought one of those sample packs at my local fabric shop- J Ellen's House of Fabric- and had to buy a yard of this coordinating fabric. I really like the contrast of the modern print with the vintage lace & linen- also new in my shop.
That's all for now. These bags are new in my Etsy shop if interested.

Friday, July 1, 2011

More pillows!

In my studio, I have a basket next to my work table where I collect all the fabric scraps too big to throw away. When that basket fills up, I have the urge to use them. I cut birds and leaves and other assorted things, and spend a week on pillows. Very therapeutic.
I have some new designs in the works, but these leaves and bird designs have been a staple in my Etsy shop this year. It's almost time to move on....
....but I just love making these! I think I'll start making the little bird pillows with a pocket for a tooth fairy pillow. People seem to buy them for baby's rooms, and what a fun keepsake to be able to use it for a few more years.
Maybe I should put a handful of lavender in these? Hmmm...