Wednesday, January 13, 2010

People in Style- I'm in the Style Section!

WooHoo! Check out page 3 of the Cleveland Plain Dealer today! There's a wonderful article about me- yes- me! Cleveland journalist Kim Crow called last week, she liked the look of my bags and has been very supportive of local artists. I love the article! (although the picture of me looks distorted! The camera was about 12" away from my face in my tiny studio!)
VERY exciting! You can read the whole thing here. More later- I just wanted to post this today. It's not every day you make the newspaper!


  1. How great -Your bags are lovely too :)

  2. I saw that this morning! Great article - congratulations!!
    - Kathy

  3. Wonderful article, it is nice to showcase local talent! I would love it if you'd stop by my blog and leave a comment, and/or add me to your blog list. Love to network with sewists in the area!, and of course
    Talk to you soon!