Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Studio Cleaning....

I'll be listing a lot of antique German porcelain doll parts in Mike's Etsy shop over the next few days. My studio is bursting at the seams! I seemed to have acquired a lot over the past few years and I'm trying to stay a little more focused on my new projects. Also look for some extra pocket watch parts, and other vintage goodies.
It's really hard for me to part with these, but I can't keep everything in my tiny little studio. I know, I know- these are all small pieces.... but I have hundreds (literally). I hope I live long enough to make everything I want to make!
How cute are these little legs! Should I keep them? See- it's hard to let go of these things. Unless I decide to keep everything, you'll find these antique doll parts and more here.
Hopefully after I've cleaned up my next post will be new work!