Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Vintage Quilt Pillows

I've been hoarding all these little vintage quilt squares for awhile.  I think they're 1940's judging from the style of prints.  I made some little pocket pillows- perfect for Tooth Fairy pillows, little hostess gifts, to hold a gift card or a little gift.  I have one hanging on Joey's door that I put little notes in.
The variety of prints is awesome, and they're super soft....
Some have a little cord for hanging, some are just little pocket pillows.  These are available in my shop :)
They're only about 5" square.  I'm using some of these squares for my hot air balloons.  (still in the works)  My studio looks like there's 10 different people working there- I have too many projects going on at once.
Should I make bigger pillows?  Hmmm...

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