Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Vintage Fabric Birdhouses

Finally!  These new little vintage fabric birdhouses are done!  Well, they've actually been done for days but I finally found time to photograph them. (Spring Break is no break for me!)  Here's sneak peak before I list them in my shop.
Tonight I finish my series of house pillows made from antique quilt squares & linen.  I love them.  (hopefully I can photo them tomorrow) Then..... my next project is dolls.  I'm still using the antique porcelain bird heads, but I think they'll have soft bodies- I'm running out of old doll parts and I wanted to try something more challenging.  I'm also working on hot air balloons- still working out the kinks :)
This is the last of these little birdhouses for awhile.  Time to move on........
(doesn't that sound profound?)

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