Friday, April 17, 2009

Estate Sale Vintage Linens

Ahhh- the feeling of getting a GIANT bag of vintage fabric and linens is indescribable!  As I was running my usual boring errands this morning, a little sign caught my eye.  Not only did it catch my eye- it drew me in.  Those 2 words I love "Estate Sale".  One illegal U turn later I found myself in a world I love- where everything is $1 (and I don't mean the Dollar Store).  A table was piled high with vintage linens, barkcloth, & feedsacks.  While everyone is digging through the costume jewelry, an elderly woman & myself raced to get the good fabric.  $1 a piece!
Here's a handful of my loot- I just love looking at it!  I am so inspired by these fabrics I can't wait to make totes & pillows, lavender sachets & laptop sleeves......

When I got home, I ran in the house to show Mike my GIANT bag of fabric- and he just rolled his eyes.  I can't believe not everyone "gets" this.

So now, I vowed to always keep a $20 bill hidden in my car, so whenever I see those 2 magical words- "Estate Sale"- I'll be good to go.
Have a great weekend :)


  1. Um, WOW!!!! I TOTALLY get it. And I'm jealous, haha! What amazing finds! :)

  2. They were meant just for you. Can't wait to see the items in your store.

  3. Gretchen, I live in Cleveland too, are you on an estate sale list? I love vintage cloths and linens, I will follow your blog, check me out too,

  4. for whatever reason, we don't seem to have much in the line of linens up here in northern lower i am really envious of your great find....have fun making cool stuff....i'll watch for the results...