Monday, September 12, 2011

Beaded Leather Bracelets Part 1

Dipping into my stash of beads and trinkets was the ultimate inspiration for these new pieces. Each bracelet has 3 strands- leather cord, sterling chain, and linen cord. This first one features this great metal bead of unknown origin- it has a wonderful tribal feel. Mixed up with turquoise, carnelian, sterling beads, and yellow jade.
I think I'll make these all "convertible" pieces, and include a leather section to turn these into necklaces as well. (my friend Chris's idea!)
This piece features an antique mother-of-pearl buckle with cluster of stones- labradorite, moonstone, amethyst, and aventurine. The photo is a bit too dark, you don't really get the feel of the contrast between the amethyst and the green glass African trade beads.
...and even though I hate matchy-matchy, I just couldn't resist the earrings. The antique mother-of-pearl buckles mimic the detail on the bracelet- with 2 little clusters of stones hanging from the sterling wire.

I'll share more of these tomorrow!

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