Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crazy Busy!

So I come home Easter Sunday evening from family festivities with a flurry of activity in my Etsy shop. 3 of my Vintage Fabric House pillows sold, a linen bag, and 14 messages requesting more house pillows. Wow- I've been on Etsy's front page before- but never had sales like this.
I finally found my House Pillow featured in the Etsy Daily Finds- a daily email featuring themed items from a variety of shops.
These 2 pillows have had so many special order requests to keep me busy for awhile :) Each pillow is one-of-a-kind- featuring mostly vintage feedsack cottons from my collection of salvaged quilts. I also had a few requests for custom house pillows- using the style & color of someone's own house- how fun!
Thank you Etsy!!!


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  2. Wow that's excellent news lucky you, I am still waiting for my Folksy shop to take off!

  3. I can see why these sell so well..they are beautiful!

  4. Just popped by to say hello... you so deserve your sales, your products are beautiful... well done! Happy sewing!
    Yvonne xx