Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Antique Dresden...

Who does this by hand anymore? Is hand quilting a lost art? Don't get me wrong- I LOVE my sewing machine, & I especially love the satisfaction of completing a project (which is why I'm not a quilter)....
I have always admired my Mom for being able to work on the same quilt for months- sometimes years! I would lose interest and have to move on. Is that just me or my generation?
I've been making pillows from my overflowing collection of antique quilt pieces- wonderful old feedsack prints and ticking. While pondering these hand quilted pieces late last night it hit me! Why are there so many vintage quilt squares and pieces out there at auctions and estate sales?
Is it because there were a lot of women like me in the 40's & 50's? Spend 2 months on 12 Dresden Plates and maybe it's time to move on? Tuck them away in the hope chest- in hopes that some day they will become a quilt......
...or perhaps a pillow! Could there be a woman up there smiling down as you read this- happy that we're enjoying her work? (or did I just stay up too late last night?)
I'll be listing more Dresden pillows in my Etsy shop all this week.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. At one time I'd thought about making Dresden the middle name for our daughter (we had 3 sons :)
    I agree...how could my mother stay on such a lengthy project? I want it now!! LOL.

  2. It's a lovely pillow!!