Sunday, March 28, 2010

...In Progress- Vintage Quilt Squares

I have this thing for vintage quilts. I love the feedsack prints and the 40's prints. I love the simplicity of the quilt patterns and the utilitarianism of old quilts. I always buy unfinished quilt tops and squares when I can. My mother is an incredible quilter- I don't have the patience.
So I just started making these little Vintage Quilt Bags. Great for little girls or a camera bag, each is made from 2 different quilt squares, cotton lace, and a vintage button. Each has a magnet closure.
I'm making these for summer shows, so I'm not sure if these will make it to my Etsy shop- (but email me if interested!) They will be in the $20 range.....
Here's a few pillows in progress made from- yes- vintage quilt pieces. I hope to have these done tonight. I have piles and piles of these quilt squares....
...and a few more of the house patterns. This is a little lace "picket fence" series I'm working on. I can't seem to get away from the house motif. More next week. I'm off to watch the original "Freaky Friday" with my family.
Have a great evening!

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  1. Those are really sweet-I always love vintage quilt pieces,it's nice to see them get new use :)