Friday, March 26, 2010

A Few New Bracelets...

I just wanted to share a few new leather wrap bracelets I just listed in my Etsy shop. These are all designed to wrap around your wrist 3 times. In this brown leather bracelet I used antique lace "flowers", vintage glass, and turquoise.
I really love the contrast of the leather and lace. I also like the way these photographed on linen. I used to photo them on my wrist but HATED the way my freckles looked. Then I tried my son's wrist, but they looked like a little boy was modeling them.
On this black leather bracelet, I used antique glass African trade beads alternating with brass loops. This also has a vintage train token and some vintage Haskell glass beads.
You can find these in my shop here and here.
My next post- a sneak peak at more vintage fabric house pillows- then I think it's time for more little birdhouses- but that's next week.
Have a great weekend!