Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a Few New Bags...

I finally finished a few bags that have been on my sewing table way too long. Both were commissions, and I thought she would choose which one she wanted, and is buying both because she can't decide! This bird bag is a new favorite of mine- I'm using some of the leather scraps I acquired recently- stitched on a linen bamboo print.
This bag is a fun contrast between the geometric pattern and the great vintage floral that a friend gave me- thanks again Stella! I could not decide on an interior fabric- knowing the customer likes pinks and greens- then took a risk with this print. I like how the vivid print peaks out from the conservative exterior.
I've been busy making some really fun little children's bags out of vintage fabric squares and lace- they could also be camera bags or just little going out bags. I just can't seem to photograph them very well- so they will sit until Sunday or Monday. I can't do anything else until after Saturday- when 27 third graders will invade my house for a Birthday Party. Wish us luck!


  1. Well I can see why she couldn't decide-they're both really nice!
    I especially love the bird one tho'. Just gotta love things with birds on them- especially this time of year :)
    Good luck with the party~

  2. I love the new life you've given those vintage fabrics. The bags are just gorgeous! Hope Joey had lots of fun at the party - and also that you have recovered by now. :)