Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Very Fine House....

So- here's my dilemma. I made this cushion as a special order for a repeat customer. It's bigger than most- 20". She's waited about 3 weeks (I had some problems getting inspired) Now that it's done I don't want to sell it. I really feel attached to this pillow!
I usually don't feel that way about my work. I admire the finished project, photograph it, and move on. I suppose I could make another for myself- I do have some of the same vintage fabrics left over....I just love the vintage fabric used for the back of the pillow too...
Ahhh! What to do? In the end I probably will let it go. I won't make another one because I hate to make the same thing twice.

I'll let you know tomorrow what I decide :)
Have a great night!

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