Friday, February 4, 2011

Linen Birdhouses....

I made these 2 linen birdhouses last summer to hang in a show booth. I was envisioning a bunch hanging from the tent roof- I thought they would be a real attention getter. Well, time didn't allow for it and since then my puppy ate the red one and the other one was given as a gift....
I have 6 or more all cut & ready to sew. This is the year I finish all my unfinished projects! The world really needs fabric birdhouses- right?
Hopefully in the next month my new Linen Birdhouses will selling in my Etsy shop!
Do you have any unfinished projects to share??


  1. very cute birdhouses!!
    me? i have so many unfinished projects.
    i have one i've been trying to get finished for a few days now.should be able to monday :)

  2. i love your beautiful cute birdhouse :o)