Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work in Progress.....

Here's what's on my work table this week....just playing around with leather. I started stitching and beading deerskin- it's so nice to work with. Unlike cowhide, it's soft and pliable like a textile.
...just a few stitches here and there, a few tiny stitched beads. I'm trying to focus on the leather as the main design element, rather than the stones. I love working on intricately detailed textiles, so I'm trying to get more of that aspect of my aesthetic in this new work. These are just the first pieces...
I'm taking baby steps, I know. The more intricate stitched leather bands aren't ready yet- still working out some kinks. I need to figure out how to layer the leather- leather glue? Is there such a thing? I also started tooling some retro tattoo images on wider bands. I really need to stay focused on these new leather pieces. So much fun!
Several different leather colors, mixing metals, etc..
Did I say I LOVE what I'm doing!

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