Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Checklist...

I just read Rebecca Sower's post on her blog & was blown away. She's an old soul that has a way of making me think twice about things. Forget your crazy self-imposed deadlines, the laundry piling up, the dust in your living room. Take a moment to read her Summer Checklist. Definitely old-school, and very wise indeed!

In Rebecca's words:

"Go wading in a creek

Visit a real working farm

Sleep under the stars

Walk down a country road

Eat a warm tomato off the vine

Sew a summer skirt

Drive with the windows down

Have a picnic on a quilt

Stay home more

Make homemade jam

Let your laundry dry in the sun

Host a block party

Play cards on the front porch

Go to an outdoor concert

Eat outside as much as possible

Read a book under a shade tree

Catch fireflies (then let them go)

Make fresh-squeezed lemonade

Buy your groceries at the farmers market

Play hide and seek after dark

Learn to identify birdsongs

Go barefoot

Walk or ride your bicycle when you can

Plant something

and, last but not least.....

linger around the dinner table, not the tv"

(I must say that the only thing I can't do is sleep under the stars. Nap maybe, but not sleep!) This list was well worth sharing. I hope you can benefit from these wise words- I know I will!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful words:)

  2. Love the list, I can tick off quite a few of them.

    It has me hankering for warmer weather but we have two more months of Winter to get through, but I do love it.

    Claire :}