Monday, January 10, 2011

...what I've been working on....

Here's a few of the pillow samplers I'm working on. I was inspired by a Crescendoh post last week about a garden of button flowers (see previous post) using favorite scraps of lace, buttons and beads. This first one is my favorite- I love the dove gray linen with green and cream.
I was sick all last week- still recovering from a terrible cold- and working on these was quite therapeutic. My hands are always working on something and my sewing machine needed a break anyway.....
This is a really great project to have by the TV- just grab a few scraps of linen and some lace bits. My initial intent was to make little wall quilts- but I never have any wall space so they made better pillows. What do you think? do you think small textile pieces look unfinished as wallhangings?
I hate to frame textile pieces because I think they need to be touched, but I also think the edges need to be finished off somehow. any thoughts out there??
Anyway, you can find these in my Etsy shop, along with other cushions you can't live without! More tomorrow on my Valentine pillows.
Have a great Monday!

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