Saturday, January 1, 2011

...more Petite Vintage Fabric Birdhouses....

I've had some time to clean my studio over the past week & found a few of my Petite Vintage Fabric Birdhouses. For the past 2 springs I made these in a limited edition & sold them in my Etsy shop.
They are a bit self-indulgent- VERY time consuming to make. They only stand a bout 4" tall, and like so many things I make, people ask "what do you do with it?"
This past spring I told myself I wasn't making any more- but after looking at these this morning I decided I'll make them again this spring.
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So come March expect to see a dozen or so on my little birdhouses- all made from scraps from old quilts, mixed with bits of vintage lace, buttons, millinery leaves, etc....
Well I'm off to make a mini art quilt. I just stumbled upon a great tutorial on Jenny Doh's blog Crescendoh- a garden of button flowers. More on that hopefully tomorrow!


  1. Think you should definately make them they are just lovely! Anything birdie is right on trend , happy new year jennyx

  2. love these houses :)
    happy new year!

  3. OMG!!! these bird houses are the most darling things!!! My favorite is the last one with the brown and the little mushroom, I have to find you on Etsy and I will be putting these into my favorites and hearting your shop!!! I'm so glad I found you!!!:) ♥