Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I made the list!

I'm always flattered when someone includes me in their Etsy Treasury- a list of favorites hand picked by Etsy members. I wanted to share these...
This is called "Apple of my eye" curated by room29. Beautiful colors! You can see the entire list here, including my Vintage Fabric House Pillow.
"Orange You Glad" was put together by zJayne- a fellow Clevelander. I don't usually like orange- but this collection is great! You can see the entire list here, including my Mod Leaf Pillow.
This collection by oktak is called "Vintage fabric love". I love it- what more can I say! You can see the entire list here- including my Little Vintage Fabric Birdhouse.
This last list by lynchgirl is called "A New Leaf" Very fresh & contemporary. You can find the whole list here- including my Vintage Fabric Applique Bag.

Thanks Etsy friends for taking the time to include my work!

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