Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bird Nerd

I'm not really sure how it all happened- I never was crazy about birds. I have 2 or 3 bird feeders outside- but that's not too crazy. We had a canary named Mike when I was little- but I don't recall liking him much.
So what's with all the birds in my work? And my shop/ blog name? I guess robin's-egg-blue IS my favorite color.
I won't be posting a lot of new work in the next few weeks- I'm in production mode for upcoming shows. I need to make a lot of purses and pillows over the next month.

One new project I hope to share later this week is some new fabric birdhouses I'm working on. These are made entirely of fabric (not like my other ones that are fabric on a cardboard base- see previous post). I'm making these to suspend from my tent at shows- and hopefully sell! More soon!

Here's the latest of the linen bird cage pillows in my Etsy shop.

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