Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seedling- Etsy Treasury

You probably all know by now how I love little collections of things-  so I put a few of these little collections together to sell (in Mike's shop).  An INSTANT collection of vintage glass seed beads & another of vintage sequins & pailettes- all tucked away in antique watch maker's vials.
The seed bead collection is now featured in an Etsy Treasury- seedling- by buppins.
I especially love the sequin collection- quite a treasure. I've been searching & collecting these for years, but only use a pinch at a time, mostly in my textile work.  So- it was time to share.  I'll be putting a few more of these together soon.

Tomorrow I'm so excited to show off my newest find-  Tiny 2" jointed German porcelain dolls!!  (not the frozen Charlotte variety) These will sit & the arms move- truly forgotten treasures!  I'll share more tomorrow.

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