Thursday, May 7, 2009

Off to Niagara Falls!

Right after school today we're scooping up the kids and driving north!  Spur of the moment- playing hooky!  My family grew up in the Buffalo area, so the falls are no stranger to us.  But the boys have never seen this spectacular natural wonder.  So exciting!
The Maid of the Mist looks different today, but is still a ride to remember.
And did you know a woman was the first person to survive a trip over the the Falls in a barrel? Yep- Annie Edson Taylor went over Niagara Falls in a custom made barrel on Oct.24, 1901.  Quite a feat for a woman at the turn of the century.
Bobby Leach was the second person to survive.  On  July 25, 1911 he went over the falls in his barrel, only to spend the next 6 month in the hospital recovering from his injuries.  Apparently he boasted that anything Annie could do he could do better.  Sorry Bobby!
I think that's fascinating!  I'll be back Sunday to tell you all about it!
Have a Wonderful weekend :)

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  1. Fun facts and great old photos! Thanks for sharing.