Thursday, July 14, 2011

...just checking in....

I've been neglecting my blog for awhile- and won't be posting for several weeks. Summer, gardening, vacations, art shows, etc. have kept me away from my computer. As I scramble to get new work ready for shows & galleries, I'm also working on a new body of work.
I've been sketching all my new ideas- a little collection of new leather pieces, that combine my love for this color palette, birds, the sea, leather, and textiles. I'm anxious to share the few pieces I have done, but I really want to develop this new body of work as a "collection" before I show anything.
I don't usually work this way with my own work- then I realized this is what I'm trained to do. In my old career as a design director, I directed collections of work. It was organized & cohesive- something my work has been lacking. Rather than jumping from one idea to the next, I looked for a common thread- subject matter, style, etc. I wrote down those things I'm passionate about and started sketching. I'm excited again and feel recharged.
These 3 images are what's inspiring me today- always the element of nature. What is it about robin's eggs that I'm so drawn to? I love mixing textures and materials. Hopefully next post I'll be sharing more. That's all for now!

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