Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Few Favorites of Mine....

My sewing machine is getting tired- so I decided to get out the "good beads" and have a relaxing evening making a few more of my favorite designs. I have to be in the right mind to make these little bird cages. After drilling holes in the bottom, each cage has to be carefully pried open and the vintage glass bird slipped in so the wire goes through the bottom hole- and trying NOT to break off the little tail!
I can never keep these in stock- and I can't take special orders (because you never know if that tail snaps off after working on one forever- then I have to put it all away & start something else!) I just love working with the "good beads". I think tomorrow I'll snap a few picks of my private little stash of vintage glass- I covet the wire embedded birds- Venetian birds from the 40's and 50's. I just found a few more of my little hour glass charms.... I'll be making a variation of this design I made last year. About 1 inch tall, the glass timer is filled with real sand and actually turns. I LOVE these!

So, off to my bottle of red, my audio book (because I'm hosting book club Friday & I haven't started the book), and my apothocary jar filled with the "good beads".

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