Friday, May 7, 2010

Death of a Sewing Machine

It was Monday night. I skipped book club to stay home to sew. I'm clipping along at lightning speed when all of a sudden my sewing machine screams. Yes- it "screamed". Not only did it scream, but it smelled funny. One more turn of the wheel and it was dead. Completely dead.
I panicked. Now what do I do? I've been with this machine almost every day for 5 years. Sure- she was used, a floor model- but loyal. My very handy husband was no help. "Buy a new one" he said. Was it that easy? I was still panicked. I haven't been without a sewing machine my entire adult life. Thankfully, there is peace again in my little world. I bought a new sewing machine :) It took a few days to warm up to her- but she has great stitches that I'm using in my new pillows. I've been sewing like a crazy woman all week & feel great about my new work.
Cute little bird cages~ made from vintage quilt fabric appliqued on linen. I also made my version of the mid-century modern leaves- with granny's twist. All are now in my Etsy shop. (just a side note- I didn't read this months book for book club)
More later~ I'm off to sew!


  1. Sweet pillows! And I completely understand about your sewing machine - it feels naked not to have one! That's why I have every sewing machine (except for one) that I've ever owned still in my attic! I am never without a backup machine.... ;-) Enjoy your new machine - it looks like it's going to do a bang-up job for you!!

  2. Woah- I love those bird cage applique pillows!!
    Sorry about your machine, but it looks like you've got a nice replacement.It is a panicky feeling-I have a few on standby ready to take over if necessary but I know it would not be the same...