Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some New Work in Progress

These are actually prototypes for some designs I'm doing in sterling, but I wanted to work them out in brass to see if I like the look.  These first 2 are my favorite, with the vintage glass rings.  (I hoard these glass rings and feel relieved to be using them) 
All of these will look better with oxidized silver.....maybe with a little pop of color.  Now as I write this I think I'll throw in a few unexpected beads so they aren't so symmetrical.
Aren't ladybugs supposed to be lucky?  I can't wait to do this in delicate silver chains.  I've always LOVED these vintage glass ladybug beads- they might become my "signature".  I'm thinking of incorporating silk ribbon or linen cord...hmmmm...or leather!  That's it!  LEATHER!
This last one was just for fun-  all vintage "stuff".  Makes me smile :)
More tomorrow- I have to run off to dress the Acorn Birds- ALMOST done!

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