Friday, August 28, 2009


Yea! I have been trying for 8 years (since my son was born) to grow sunflowers in my yard.  Keep in mind that I do have gardening in my blood.  My Grandmother, Mother, sisters, and aunts all have incredible gardens. 
So you can imagine my frustration over the years when my big seedlings, so lovingly nurtured, get eaten up in one night by rabbits and deer.  Ahh!  But not this year!  I out-smarted them all! 
FINALLY- my first sunflower!  Isn't she beautiful!
Have a wonderful sunny weekend!

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  1. It's fabulous!! Congratulations! I too am a gardener but had trouble with them as well. I'd plant 20 or so and get 1 or 2 out of the bunch. But the squirrels, now they can grow them anywhere.... in my gutters, in my compost, etc..
    Have a great week and your beautiful flower.