Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Few New Bags

3 new bags in my shop- I like this newer drawstring style.  These are fun to make, and I love the way they drape when cinched shut.  Each one has a bit of applique detail.....
Vintage hibiscus barkcloth from the 1940's with antique lace trim.
Vintage coral linen print that a lovely elderly local designer gave me.  This is one of my absolute favorite fabrics.
I'm doing some advertising for the first time since being laid off.  While this used to be a "hobby", I've recently relied on this income.  So I'm stocking up for spring sales.  I'm starting to do more jewelry too.  Remember those "Frozen Charlottes" I blogged about last week- the antique German porcelain dolls I acquired?  I have about 100 of the tiniest and rarest of these dolls- about 1" tall.  I don't know what I'm making yet- next post!

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